We Are De-Graceland Homes....

Our Mission

Our mission is to be largest real estate company in Nigeria and beyond, expand our clients base by offering excellent services and affordable at the same time, our mission is to exceed your expectations

Our Vision

To be the leading Pan-African real estate development company that
will provide the highest number of decent, accessible,
comfortable and affordable houses while achieving global housing standard.

Our Role

Our role at the De-Graceland homes is to secure you with the most amazing
and comfortable houses/land irrespective of social class, income level and all else

Why Choose Us

Our basic role at De-graceland Homes is to secure suitable, affordable housing for everyone, irrespective of their income level, social class, and all else. We are daily driven to keep our promise, increase our land bank, expand our client base, and offering excellent services and affordable housing products with the singular mission to exceed expectations. Our series range are repeated development concepts built on suitable sites. They are standardized in terms of design, layout and specification offering great value and a familiar product. Our Goal is to make the incredible affordable

Company Updates

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Happy Easter to Our Esteem Customers

Happy Easter to all our esteemed customers. from all of us at De-GraceLand Homes Real Estate.. Wishing you a blissful