Now Selling! Quality Choice Estate Isiagu Awka

Do you desire a property in a safe, secure and quiet neighborhood that will deliver high returns on investment (ROI) in a short period? If yes, invest in QUALITY CHOICE ESTATE ISIAGU, AWKA

Exceptional landmarks
🎯7 mins drive to Awka main town
🎯3 Minutes Drive from the new Anambra State Ultra Modern Market
🎯Located within a developing neighbourhood inside Isiagu town
🎯Complete dry land and ready to build Estate
🎯Excellent accessibility in and out of the estate

👉 Title : Irrevocable power of Attorney, Deed of conveyance & Registered survey plan

👉 Price : N2.5M per plot on outright.
6 months payment plan N3M

👉 Plot size : 465sqm

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Okoli Okechukwu Loveday

Calvary Greetings

My Name is Okoli Okechukwu Loveday, You can call me De-GraceLand and I’m a real estate Consultant, Marketer/Developer in Anambra State with my Head Office in Awka the Capital city of the State. My expertise in the Anambra State real estate market comes from (number of years/experience) of working as a broker with reputable firms in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry. I bring to you, genuine and affordable Plots of Land/Homes to your doorstep. The most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable during the entire process of selling your Land/House or buying your Land/House. Get in touch with me today at De-GraceLand Homes if you want to sell/buy a Land in Anambra State.

I have Good Plots of Land for:

  1. Agricultural Purposes in Orumba South/North LGA, Awka North LGA, Ayamelum LGA, Anambra East/West LGA. Price Ranges from 150k to 500k per Plot.
  2. I also have Affordable Properties for Residential and Commercial Project in a strategic/Wonderful Locations Here in Awka the Capital City of Anambra State. Price Ranges from 4m to 50m Per Plot
  3. I have Good Plots suitable for student hostels in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State University (Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Igbariam Campus), College of Education Umunze and Nsugbe. Price Ranges from 3m to 10m.

De-GraceLand Homes

Or visit Us @:

Office Address:

De-GraceLand Homes
2nd Floor Pax Christi Plaza, Kwata Junction by Fly-over (near UNIZIK Junction), Onitsha / Enugu Expressway, AWKA. Anambra state

Now Selling! Four Bedroom Duplex in Spotters Lifestyle Estate Centenary City Enugu for Sale

Hot and New Sale in the Market

4 Bedroom Detached Home with BQ for sale.

Location: Spotters lifestyle estate. Centenary city Enugu.

Price:65 million, Agency 10%.

Features of this Beautiful Mansion:
-All rooms en-suite
-Fitted Kitchen
-BQ with Kitchenette (can be rented)
-Ceiling Bluetooth Speakers
-Water heater in all rooms/Kitchen
-Walk in Closet
-Gate House
-Outdoor flower Garden

Spotters Lifestyle Estate Features
-Swimming pool
-6 aside football pitch
-Solar street lights
-Gated and 247 security surveillance.

You cannot afford to miss this great offer

Earn Massive agent Commission when you Refer your Friends and Family members to buy this beautiful Mansion

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Okoli Okechukwu
De-GraceLand Homes

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Office Address:

De-GraceLand Homes
2nd Floor Pax Christi Plaza, Kwata Junction by Fly-over (near UNIZIK Junction), Onitsha / Enugu Expressway, AWKA. Anambra state

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How to know a Fake Land


Have you ever bought an item, land or landed properties, but it turned out to be a waste of resources at the end?

How did you feel?

Wait a minute!

You probably thought it was good to go looking at all the features presented to you only to find out it was bad from onset….

Obviously, this happens when investors failed to do their due diligence before purchasing any property.

Prevention they say is better than cure.

Stay with me….

Lands and landed properties are undoubtedly one of the greatest investment of man, and real estate is unfortunately a most potent means of fraudulence.

However, with the alarming rate of real estate scams and land grabbers, it is of utmost importance to get all the facts right and be well informed on the nitty gritty involve before spending your hard earned money on lands / landed property.

In real estate, proper investigation, as well as confirming the validity and authenticity of properties before rolling out cash is a must. This is to prevent tales and stories that touches, when the deed has been done.

Read till the end and you will never fall victim to real estate scams again..

You will agree with me that a lot of people these days, are victims of fake lands, because they failed in their duty to carry out essential investigations on the lands or properties in question.

Here are a few ways to know a fake land;

  1. No defined or corresponding land title document.
  2. Claim of ownership by different people.
  3. No involvement of a credible real estate consultant or company.
  4. No involvement of a trusted property lawyer for document verification and agreement.
  5. Land inspection denial by seller (either real estate agent or owner).
  6. No registered or approved survey plan.
    Note here that a complete survey plan must bear all the necessary information as stated below;
  • Name of the owner of the land surveyed.
  • Size of the land surveyed.
  • Address / description of the land.
  • Beacon numbers
  • A stamp showing that the land is free from govt or not.
  • Name of the surveyor
  • Date the survey plan was drawn…

At any point during your transaction and you identify any of the red flags highlighted above, it is paramount that you seek and take the fastest exit before its too late.

However, despite the challenges experienced by investors in terms of fake lands and real estate scams, there are a number of things you can do as an investor to avoid this, be safe and make the most of your real estate investment.

  1. Transact only with a trusted and tested real estate company like De-GraceLand Homes .
  2. In addition work with a credible real estate consultant.
  3. A trusted and reliable property lawyer will go a long way in securing your lands/landed properties.


The next time you want to roll out cash for real estate investment, take note of the points above and do your due diligence. Then sit back and enjoy your investments to the fullness.

Remember I’m here to guide and help you make the most of your real estate investments.

How about getting your dream Land/Home while sticking to your daily routine?

Well, it is absolutely possible with us by your side.

Contact us:
Okoli Okechukwu
DeGraceLand Homes

Or visit Us @:

Office Address:

De-GraceLand Homes
2nd Floor Pax Christi Plaza, Kwata Junction by Fly-over (near UNIZIK Junction), Onitsha / Enugu Expressway, AWKA. Anambra state

Why You Must Invest in Anambra State Real Estate

Want to increase your cash flow? Come on, who doesn’t?

Have you considered investing in real estate? 🏡

Here’s why it’s a perfect time:

Investing in real estate might seem like the latest get-rich-quick scheme you’ve seen, but it’s been making people rich for years.

Still, real estate is a distinct asset class that’s simple to understand and can enhance the risk-and-return profile of an investor’s portfolio. On its own, real estate offers cash flow, and a hedge against inflation.

In a bid to attain financial stability, many search for proper investments with their income. Real estate is one of the most robust investment options, especially in the long run.

De-GraceLand Homes , the leading Real Estate agency in Anambra State shares reasons you should take advantage of this robust investment option and invest in real estate.

Real-estate investing might seem complicated, but the benefits far exceed any speedbumps you might run into. And the benefits are many:

  • Real estate appreciates in value.

Real estate tends to appreciate in value over time.
Not only will the building or home itself likely grow in value, but the actual land that it’s built on will also usually be worth more over the years. In some markets, it’s not uncommon for the land to be worth more than the house that stands on it — or for the land value to continue to rise even without a house on it.
My Client, bought a piece of land for N12,000,000 in Ngozika Housing Estate Phase II in 2017, a land in a Developing Estate. He had intended to build on it and make it his resident, but never did. Over the years, houses went up all around his plot, and the estate grew. Now the Plot — still empty — is worth right around 50 million Naira. It will be part of his legacy to his children.

  • Real estate is a way to diversify your portfolio.

This is another way to lower some of your risk, especially if you’re investing lots of naira in other opportunities. Most experts recommend diversifying your portfolio so you won’t lose everything in one fell swoop if the market where you’ve most heavily invested happens to go south. Real estate is an excellent place to park some of your money — a place much safer than many other investments.

  • You can take advantage of inflation hedging.
    Although inflation affects every investment, real estate is an investment that is almost always in demand, so it typically maintains its monetary power. Normal inflation often makes it more expensive for companies to create products and services. They either have to raise their prices or accept lower profits. Real estate doesn’t have a strong correlation with stocks or corporate profitability, so it is a natural inflation hedge.

You can also often pass any inflation costs along to tenants and clients.

  • It’s a good (forced) way to save for retirement.

A 30-year fixed loan allows you to build equity in your own home over a long period of time. If you decide to downsize when you’ve paid off your loan, it’s likely you can get a smaller house and have a nice chunk of change left for retirement.
With real estate, your money is in the house, so you’ll have to work a little harder to access it (as opposed to a savings account or even a brokerage account that you can cash out).

Investments typically take time before they yield large returns. This is why if you start today and invest smartly, you’ll be patting yourself on the back a couple of years from now for a job well done. To be honest, we are at a point where real estate investments just make sense. But, like any other investment, please be sure to understand what you are doing and be diligent enough to do your work and research to find the 1-in-100 deals that make sense. Some suggestions on real estate companies to consider for this research are De-GraceLand homes and others.

Conclusion: A Few Years from Now You’ll Wish You Did

To get a property today in one of the finest locations in Anambra State,
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De-GraceLand Homes
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