Many Non Selling Realtors lack convincing power to talk to clients or prospects.

The real estate terminology like Perimeter fencing, central sewage, good road network, good drainage, 300sqm, 500sqm or 600sqm.

Can you explain the meaning of central sewage system or the sqm sizes. You may be the 2nd or 4th Realtor that client is calling or talking too.

Do you have good phone ethics and communication skills, great closing SKILLS ?

You hate selling , you don’t want to make any attempts to learn how to sell. In the real estate business without the ability to sell your chances of Success is very slim.


Many Realtors have not visited the Estate or Estates they want to sell.

The reality is how do you want to sell what you don’t know or lack knowledge of to convince them to buy.


A lot of Realtors cannot answer simple questions like when a client says what is the meaning of Excision or Which is higher C of O or Government’s consent?

Government conveyance may sound strange to many newbies in the field.


Imagine a Realtor who went to Ibeju lekki for the The first time ever saying this place is too far. I am not sure I can be coming here again oo ??????.

This kind of person by body language and lack of belief and confidence in the products in Ibeju lekki will find it difficult to make any Sales for any client who even wants to go for site inspection in such places with such realtors.

Do you think your client will buy what you the realtor is not sold on or thinks is too far?


Laziness comes in many forms. Laziness can be unwillingness to go the Extra Mile.

Unwillingness to go for even free Seminars or trainings.

Many People who are still struggling to sell will be saying I don’t have transport fare to come to the seminar that will equip you with Skills.

They give excuses why they cannot be at an appointment with their team members or Even a site inspection or Even a Network Meeting opportunity to meet new people or potential client.


Many People who are into real estate business who are parents and even some 9 to 5 People lack great time management skills.

Do you always say this on regular basis when you get invitations for important events like open house listing events to meet or invite prospects or clients.

Even Seminars or Workshops that can change your life and equip you with Skills you need but you find yourself saying My kids are home , I will miss all the Seminars , Site Inspections and Open House Events this Month.

I cannot make any appointments this Month because of day Job 9-5 or Because I am a Dad or Mum.

Dear Realtor Na 9-5 Job you get now or Parent you be now you no kill person now Oga and Madam Realtor ??‍♂??‍♀??

Receive sense and learn how to manage your life and time very well and take control of your time.


Many People who are still struggling to make sales are not Willing to invest in their personal development.

They are not willing to make sacrifices successful Realtors make.

Some people find it hard to spend money on valuable books , courses or online programs or Even a paid training or Even Mentorship Program.

Some people feel that everything they learn must be free of charge in this life. So whenever they hear about a paid training or personal development program they avoid it like a plague.


Vulture Mentality is when you rely 100% on others like your parents, friends and family members or your boss, your mentor or anyone for what you should or can do yourself.

You blame others for the condition you find yourself. You fail to take responsibility for your life, your career and business.

You think the world owes you, you think the Nigerian Government, Your UPLINE as a Network marketer owes you.

You think your Parents owe you, you are still blaming your father and mother for something they did to you 10 or 20 years ago. You are holding on to it till date , you blame them for not sending you to an American or British University overseas.

You are doing a poor job and putting in minimum wage work ethic but expecting Million Dollar Rewards.

You put in Amateur efforts and you are expecting professional rewards.


You cannot be looking like rags and selling luxury to the rich client or prospect.

How can you sell to high networth individual wearing bend down select or wearing a shirt that is faded you have been wearing for the past 10 years or 6 years to Go for prospecting.


I have heard of Realtors who made sales and Commissions as huge as 6 Million naira in their first week of joining the business.

Yoruba’s will say Ma WO ago alago sise.

Stop using other People’s time to work.

You have no idea how many years some people have been doing network marketing business.

You have no idea how long some people have been into marketing and sales before they came into real estate business.

Some people have been in sales for decades and you think they met you in real estate business and you are wondering they have overnight success.

There is no such thing as overnight success.

Success is like a pregnancy that takes time or that 9 months before delivery of a new born baby.

Be willing to pay the price, pay your dues and make the necessary efforts, be patient , don’t give up so fast on set backs and challenges. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone has their own time to celebrate success.

Don’t be too in hurry especially when you have not yet paid your dues and the required effort and steps.

#Question of the #day

1 .What are the action steps you are willing to make today and change to turnaround your career to become a Selling Realtor.

2. Are you willing to take responsibility and pay the price it requires in full.

3. What are your favourite excuses you normally give before that you will no longer give anymore?

Thanks for your attention.

Please Enjoy Your Day.

#Okechukwu Okoli
MD/CEO Graceland Homes and Property Agents

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