Site Clearing and Grading

If you are in the market for top-notch land grading and clearing service, then look no further than De-GraceLand Home Consults®. Our professional crew will strip down your land to the dirt and clear the dirt of any obstacles or debris that may hinder potential construction. We can provide land grading services that provide a strong foundation for building as well.

De-GraceLand Homes is able to provide a complete site clearance service or offer specific land clearing works where trees, bushes and brush have become overgrown.

Our commercial site clearance services include a package of works to clear your site of vegetation and prepare it for future development and construction.
We have the experience, equipment and skills to undertake substantial projects in a range of environments on both brown field and green field sites

Our land clearance services can include, but are not restricted to, the following works:

1. Vegetation Removal
2. Tree Removal
3. Stump Removal
4. Pre construction Clearance
5. Earthworks

We have the heavy-duty machinery and aboricultural expertise required to efficiently carry out tree felling and stump removal, and our composting equipment provides a solution for the mulching and removal of green waste.