Procedures And Steps In Registration Of Deeds Of Assignment In Anambra State

All land ownership transactions should be registered in the Deeds Registry. This is to ensure that the State Government at every point in time has accurate records of title status of all lands within its jurisdiction as well as to serve as reference point for members of the public who may be interested in knowing about the existence of any rights over land in the State.

General Requirements
1. The applicant is to purchase and fill an Application Form from any of the designated Banks

2. The Deed of Assignment or Conveyance in 5 parts duly executed by the parties to the transaction

3. Current 3 years’ tax clearance receipts of the applicant or in the case of a corporate body, that of two of the directors.

4. An affidavit by the applicant, or in the case of a corporate body, a Director or the Secretary, verifying the information stated in the Application form

5. Affidavit of attestation sworn to by every person who signed as a witness to the transaction

Application and Registration Procedure
The following steps are taken in sucessfull allocation of plots;

1. Title applicant obtains an Application Form and returns the completed Application Form to the Lands Department together with the following supporting documents;

2. 5 copies of Deed of Assignment executed by the parties,

3. Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the assignee

4. An affidavit by the applicant, or in the case of a corporate body, a Director or the Secretary, verifying the information stated in the Application Form

5. Affidavit of attestation sworn to by every person who signed as a witness to the transaction

6. The Commissioner forwards the Application form together with other support documents to the Permanent Secretary who forwards to the Director of Lands to process the application

7. The Director of Lands instructs the Schedule Land Officer responsible for the area in question to open a file, assign a file number to it and forward the file to the Principal Valuation Officer to value the property
This is done by a Land Officer II who attaches a sketch plan of the property and submits to the Principal Valuation Officer

8. The Principal Valuation Officer reviews the inspection and valuation report. If there are no errors in computation and the report, the Principal Valuation Officer signs the report and sends the file back to the Schedule Land Officer.

9. The Schedule Land Officer notifies the applicant of fees to be paid and the designated Banks where the relevant payments are to be made. A copy of the schedule of fees is submitted to the Head of Accounts and/or Sub-Treasurer

10. The applicant makes the payments at the designated Banks, he submits copies of the Bank tellers at the Sub-treasury and the Accounts Department
The Sub-treasury office confirms payments by checking the Bank tellers against the bank manifests. If the payment details are in the manifest, a receipt is issued to the applicant. However, where there is no evidence of payment in the manifest, the applicant is advised to rectify payments before a receipt can be issued. The Director of Lands should be informed of such situations.

11. The applicant submits a copy of the receipts to the Schedule Land Officer, who attaches the receipts to the file and sends the file to the Director of Lands requesting for approval.

12. The Director of Lands checks the application to ensure all the necessary information have been provided before making his comments, and forwards the file to the Permanent Secretary, requesting for the Commissioner’s approval

13. The Permanent Secretary reviews the whole process and sends the file to the Commissioner for approval if the transaction is in line with laid down procedures

14. The Commissioner signs the approval and forwards the file to the Permanent Secretary who sends the file back to the Director of Lands
The Director of Lands instructs the Schedule Land Officer to arrange for the stamping and registration and also notify the applicant of the date to collect the registered Title document.

15. The Schedule Land Officer submits the file to the Registrar of Deeds for stamping and registration.

16. The Registrar of Deeds registers the document

17. The applicant signs and collects the registered title document

Fees Payable
The fees that the applicant will be required to pay In this transaction include the following:

1. Consent/ registration fee

2. Stamp duty

3. Ground rent arrears

4. Inspection / preparation fee

5. Computer fee

6. 10% penalty incase of defaults.

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Habit of a Successful Real Estate Agents in Anambra State

Habits of trusted property Real Estate Agents in Nigeria

To become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria, you have to develop certain habits. If you love your job as a property agent and look forward to becoming even better at what you do, I have come up with a list to help you excel.

1. Leverage on technology and the power of the internet

Technology is not restricted to the internet alone. Millions of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora are on the internet. Technology makes the task of reaching them, enlightening them and selling to them much easier than was possible 25 years ago. In essence, leverage the power of online exposure to grow your businesses.

For instance, you could use social media Apps to reach mobile customers.

Using nice phones device also gives you an opportunity to capture images and videos showing exciting views of properties.

You really can’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to property marketing.

2. Know your neighbourhoods

To build a reputation of a reliable real estate agent, it’s important to know your neighbourhoods in details. For instance, if you introduce yourself as a real estate agent with expertise on the Awka in Anambra State, it would be a shame if you don’t know neighbourhoods like Udoka Estate, Ngozika Estate, FourWays Court Estate, Millennium City Layout, Okpuno, Amawbia, Awka GRA, Ifite, Obinagu, and Serenity Estate

However, it is not enough to know just the districts, you should also have a broad knowledge of the best schools around, the best restaurants, the kind of people who go there, the best places to shop. Your clients will have a lot of questions when they approach you to rent or buy an apartment or a property, which reinforces the need to know your neighbourhood.

Also note that when you really know your neighbourhoods, people can tell when you are talking about it and it leaves a strong impression about you and your work.

3. Listen to your client
Ohh Yes!!!!
A dependable real estate agent pays a lot of attention to the needs of his/her clients. Make their needs a priority and what you should focus on is getting them a property that is right for them and not one that you feel is right for them.

If for example, your client is adamant on a specific price range, don’t distract the client by showing him/her more expensive properties in the hope that he/she will be carried away by the beauty of the property.

Same applies to their preferences on location.

As a property agent, your reputation counts as much as the things you pay attention to.

4. Respond to clients in good time.
As a real estate agent, responding to clients is as important as getting them. Regardless of whether the client come in via emails, phone calls or Direct Messages on your social media accounts, they are all important. Make it a priority to respond to them as quickly as you can.

5. Advertise online
This is very important especially in this our competitive property market.

Paid adverts are effective ways to reach your audience. You must understand that advertising is highly targeted. Your clients are people and companies that need your service. Therefore, you can create ads that target such people. For example, Google is the most popular search engine in Nigeria and people use it to search for everyday stuff. Reaching people at the point of need using Google ads, for example, delivers better ROI than other channels of marketing.

Paid search advertising essentially stands out as an effective online channel, which leads to fast results. It also attracts good Return On Investment.

6. Don’t ignore social media
I must have to say this again and again. Don’t ignore social media.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (though it’s banned in our country today), Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat are powerful tools in the hands of a real estate agent.

As a property agent, consider the internet your friend because, the larger your network, the wider the number of people you will be able to reach. You should also encourage your friends to share your social media posts on their timelines. The idea is to reach far more people that you would have pulled on your own social media accounts to facilitate a quicker sale.

In Conclusion,

A successful real estate agent never stops learning. Regardless of how successful you are, find yourself a mentor.

Having a good mentor comes with a flurry of personal and professional benefits, which include:

Tight Spots: If you ever find yourself in a situation that you find tricky to navigate, you can rely on the wisdom and experience of a mentor to bail you out

Building on Your Success: A mentor is not just there to guide you through tough moments. You can share your success stories with a mentor as they are in a good position to help you build on the success you have recorded

Staying Focused: In this era of fleeting attention span, you can easily get distracted. Successful real estate agents in Nigeria rely on mentors to keep them on track and this is precisely what you should also set your sights on. A mentor will help you focus on the things that are important even when you suddenly find yourself veering off track

Personal Development: Your personal development never stops regardless of how successful you become. Mentorship in the real estate circle gives you the opportunity to build a strong network of people who add value to your experience.

Accelerated Growth: Having a mentor comes with the benefit of having someone to talk things through with. The sheer experience and network strength of a mentor give the advantage of achieving great results quicker than you would have if you decide to take the longer route.

Successful real estate agents in Nigeria don’t take their mentors for granted; neither should you

The career of successful real estate agents in Nigeria do not happen accidentally. You have to be deliberate about your choices and the things you pay attention to.

When you win the trust of your client and offer them true value, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

De-GraceLand Homes

De-GraceLand Homes is a Commercial Real Estate Agency establishment in Awka – Anambra State, Registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Under the Companies and Allied Matters ACT of 1990 with RC No: 3075508.

We are trusted Land Brokers/Property rental Agency that connects Land sellers/Buyers, apartment consumers to their ideal place to live. A fully searchable, agent-supplied, database is updated in real time.

Our Vision

To be Among the leading Commercial Real Estate Brokers and development company in Anambra State that will service/provide the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable and affordable Land/houses in the State while achieving World housing standard.

Our Role

Our basic role at De-GraceLand Homes is to help secure suitable house for everyone, irrespective of social class, income level and all else.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, held to the highest of our own quality standard by securing suitable,affordable housing for everyone, irrespective of their income level, social class, and all else.

Our Mission

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