Want to Increase Your Cash Flow?

Want to increase your cash flow? Come on, who doesn’t?

Have you considered investing in real estate? 🏡

Real Estate investment offers exposure to a hard asset that typically provides a high rate of return, and if the asset is held in the long-term, there is a guarantee it will appreciate over time.

For example, right after a recession ends is often a good time to buy property. This is because demand is typically low while supply is high. This combination usually results in lower prices, which can offer a great opportunity for investors.


There is no quick way to make money or get rich in real estate, but you can grow wealth gradually and consistently by investing correctly. You are probably aware that there are numerous ways to accumulate wealth, but real estate is one of the most effective.

To get the best Real Estate offer in Awka Anambra State this 2023 visit www.degracelandhomes.com

Here is a list of things that you can expect from us:

  1. We give you properties in the best location that suits your needs & property requirements
  2. We Help you Sell Your Land Faster & Easier
  3. Honesty and integrity.
  4. We pay Attention to detail.
  1. We Understand the local housing market and the Anambra State Real Estate industry.

For more inquiries,
Okoli Okechukwu
De-GraceLand Homes


Or visit Us @:

Office Address:

De-GraceLand Homes
2nd Floor Pax Christi Plaza, Kwata Junction by Fly-over (near UNIZIK Junction), Onitsha / Enugu Expressway, AWKA. Anambra State.

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Okoli Okechukwu Loveday, from Amaokoro Village, Ezira in Orumba South LGA of Anambra State. Reside in Awka, the capital city of Anambra State. As a lifetime resident of Anambra State, Okoli Okechukwu has a deep understanding of the area real estate, and grasps the nuances of each and every neighborhood in the state. As an experienced full-time realtor and investor, his wealth of knowledge spans both the residential and commercial real estate markets in Anambra State. Okechukwu brings to his clients the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and personal attention. He has a level of patience and responsiveness that is supported by his personal understanding of the emotions tied to the Land/home buying and selling experience.

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