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Ways to Reduce Building/Construction Cost When Building Your Home

Coming up with an estimate of your total building cost can be a very complex process. It is even worse when you are doing it for the very first time because the slightest between your estimated cost and actual construction cost can cripple the building project.

If a building project fails, it won’t matter if it is a residential property or commercial construction. The role of effective and efficient construction cost management cannot be overemphasised.

Below are smart ways to reduce your construction cost when building your house.

#Keep Your Design Simple
You don’t need a seer to tell you that customised designs are expensive. If your goal is to reduce your construction cost, it is in your best interest to avoid custom designs.

Let’s break this down – To avoid shooting up your construction cost, you can go for a small floor plan with a rectangular or square layout. This sort of plan will cost you less time and less money to accomplish. You also use fewer materials per unit built-up area and this forces your construction cost down.

If you’re aiming for a minimal cost, consider cutting down on the number of rooms and bathrooms in the house. What this does is that it leaves you with a reduced area, brings your budget for building materials down, thus, reducing your overall construction cost.

#Pick Your Location Carefully
Your location is particularly crucial if you want to drive down your construction cost. It is fine to opt for locations that offer affordable land but don’t do this blindly. You will be better off, for instance, if such a location is not just cheap but also has a strong potential to experience development in the future.

No matter how cheap the land is, don’t buy if the level of the plot is lower than the level of the road. The reason for this is that when the level of the plot is lower than the level of the road, you’ll end up spending more money buying materials to fill the land. This drives up your construction cost. Plots of land that are the same level as the road are the best.

#Use the Same Flooring and Painting Materials

When you buy in bulk, you spend less on construction and this is precisely why you should use the same painting and flooring materials across the entire house. This will also allow you optimise on labour input.

For example, instead of buying 5 different colours of paint, which have varying cost, you can pick two colours and buy them in bulk. Consider going for weather-coat paints for outer parts of the house. This is because it decreases your maintenance cost. The same should apply to your flooring materials.

#Consider Precast Technology
If you are handling a huge project, which for instance, entails erecting over 100 bungalows, then you can opt for precast slabs. These slabs are manufactured and transported to the site of the house where they are then assembled.

The precast slabs are used as walls during construction. If you are not handling a big construction project, don’t opt for this.

#Building Materials
The closer your site is to the point where you would be getting most of your materials from, the lower you will end up spending. You can’t have a plot of land in Nzam and decide to buy your building materials from Onitsha. The financial implication of such a choice can throw a clog in your wheel of progress.

Studies have shown that sites that are not far from the point of gathering materials can cut your construction cost by 15%. Remember that your building materials don’t have to be expensive and branded. Rely on the advice of trusted experts.

#Visit Construction Site
You should not stay away from your construction site during construction. In a situation where you cannot be physically present due to one commitment or the other, delegate this responsibility to someone you really trust.

Paying unexpected and regular visits to your construction site help keep the construction team on its toes. Monitoring the progress level of the construction work is an important aspect of the project.

Stay away from inferior building materials because they don’t last for long. You’ll also end up replacing the materials so frequently, you’re bound to regret using them.

#Storage of Building Materials
The way you store your building materials is just as important as where you buy them from. You can carelessly allow your construction cost rise if you don’t pay enough attention to where and how your materials are stored.

Cases of theft and negligence have put potential homeowners in a situation where they spend more than necessary during construction. You want to steer clear of wastage by making provisions for this as well.

#Run a Background Check
Before you make a decision on any professional when building your home, be sure to carry out a background check on their track-record and by seeking to speak to clients they have serviced in the past.

In addition to saving you valuable time and money, a background check also ensures you have a good experience during construction. Details like their fees, availability and performance are vital yardsticks you should use in determining who you eventually settle for.

Consider the Option of Modern Architecture
Modern architecture isn’t about lacing your home with sophisticated gadgets and toys. Instead, it is more about owning a home that is functional. To cut cost, you can go the route of building a container home.

Container homes, also known as mobile homes are prefabricated structures. They are built in factories on permanently attached frames. Upon completion, they are transported to your site.

Mobile homes are an emerging trend in modern architecture and are being used as permanent houses, for holiday purposes and for temporary accommodation. In some cases, they are left permanently or semi-permanently in a particular location but can be transported from one place to another.

Mobile homes have both pros and cons that you should know about. Your ability to know what works and what doesn’t. puts you in a better position to make more informed decisions.

#Final Thoughts on Construction Cost
The smart way to reduce your construction cost is not necessarily by going for cheaper options wherever and whenever they are available. You need to remember that such choices can always come back to haunt you especially when they are inferior building materials.

Cement blocks are currently cheaper than bricks so, you should bear that in mind as you lay down your construction plans. You should also buy your building materials locally and create a proper system for account and document management.

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