Career Change? Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Career Change? Becoming A Real-Estate Agent

Thinking of being a real-estate agent, but do not know where to start? First, you would have to determine if this kind of career is the right one for you. Most people usually think that to be a successful real-estate agent, you just need to be good in convincing people to buy properties and houses. Good communication and persuasion skills are, of course, plus points,but that is not all. To be honest, you also need to be familiar with the industry.

Real estate agents ensure that the buyers would be able to find their dream homes, while sellers get their property’s worth. It would take skill and mastery before you could become successful in this career, just like in any kind of occupation. You would need proper training and education.

You would also need to attend seminars even if you are already licensed. The real-estate industry is continually evolving or changing. A real-estate agent should always be aware of changes in laws and regulations in the state where they are located.

But taking up real-estate courses are not the only thing that would prepare you for the industry. It is recommended that you work with a mentor broker for about 1 to 3 years to get experience. It is like apprenticeship. After that period of time, you could start thinking about setting up an individual practice.

The fact remains that technical requirements like coursework and license will equip you, but it is your attitude, integrity and honesty that will help you become successful in your field.

As a real-estate agent, you need to be sociable or a people person. You would be working with different kinds of people, not only the buyers and the sellers. A real-estate agent will also work with lawyers, brokers and even land-use officials.

A real-estate agent is on call for 24 hours. Clients would often call an agent during the time when they are available, asking for updates or advice, not minding if it’s convenient for the Real Estate Agent.

Flexibility is another attribute you would need to develop. Client base could be a problem for beginning agents. You would need patience since it would take time before you have your own client list.

Another concern for real estate agents is the income. Most experts would recommend that those who are only starting to learn the industry should have an alternative source of income. But if you are selling multi-million worth of houses every week/Month, then you would not have any problem with income at all.

But success would surely come if you would work hard and learn from every step you take in the Real Estate Industry.

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Where are all the Lands in Awka, the Capital City of Anambra State


The Land inventory shortage in Awka is no joke.

Here are some facts that will help you decide why this is a great time to invest.

Indeed there is land and house deficit in Awka for now taking into note that the migration of the Igbos in State, City and town to Awka the Capital City of Anambra State is overwhelming. We have more people than Houses available now and the gap need to be closed

Could you imagine that renting a newly built two bedroom apartments in Awka now cost from 800k to 2m per year. And the cost of renting a 4 to 5 bedroom duplex ranges from 3m to 8m per year. Just Imagine what the trend will look like in the next couple of years.

Also renting an empty piece of Land in Awka for mechanic workshop, block industry, beer Palour and other business ranges from 1.5m to 6m per year..

The Return On Investment (RIO) is so so amazing. I sold a plot of Land in #FourWaysCourtEstateAwka to my Client in 2021 at 5m, thesame client sold back the land to my company for 11m this year, making more than 110% profit from the said land.

Do you need to buy #affordableLand in a nice #location in Awka the Capital City of Anambra State? Visit

The most basic real estate investment strategy is “land” investment. “Land” is one of the oldest property types to exist. Since the days of old, man has always traded landed properties and throughout the years this form of investment has proven to be a reliable source of income. In the Nigerian real estate market today, there are several real estate investment opportunities available, however, none of these investment opportunities can compare to land investment. This is because it offers versatile options on how to utilize your property.

The concept of investing in land and purchasing a piece of land is one that is not well understood in Nigeria. Quite a number of people do not completely understand how land buying works and even fewer people understand how investing in land is a smart strategic move for diversifying your portfolio. Trust me you don’t want to be one of these people. People often ask several questions about investing in landed properties like; Is buying land a good investment? What are the benefits of owning a piece of land? Why should I buy land? Or How do you make money buying land? The benefits of investing in land are endless. However, there are factors to consider when investing in a property if you are looking to make good returns.

  1. Versatility and Options: Owning a piece of land provides you with diverse options, it is flexible and can serve several purposes. Land can be used for residential and commercial purposes. You can decide to rent, sell, or develop the land depending on your financial expectation and ability.
    On another hand, the land can also be used for farming and livestock purposes. As a landowner, you have the option of either renting your property out for a number of years or for farming purposes. This serves two main purposes for a landowner, generating money from rent and from appreciation.
  2. Land Increases in Value: Over the years the value of land is said to double or triple as times go by and only those who purchased would reap its long-term benefits. One fact is that land when purchased in the right location, has no depreciating value. For this reason, it is a perfect real estate investment strategy. Land is a very veritable resource; it can never depreciate in value. In Awka, deciding to invest in land means investing in an asset that cannot be destroyed, moved, or affected rather it would appreciate as development keeps coming to the location.
  3. No Competition: The beauty of land is that it differs so there is little or no competition. There are several sizes, location, and even shape that it is near impossible to get the exact land. Compare that to property owners who have to stay afloat in the overcrowded property market. Deciding to invest in land means you would not have to burden yourself with the never-ending process of bidding with other competitors.
  4. Limited Management Issues: With an investment in land you don’t have to worry about maintenance, unlike residential and commercial properties. Lands require little or no maintenance but in the case of properties, a lot of energy and money is set aside for maintenance. For maximum profit to be guaranteed in purchasing land, one important criterion if not the most important is that the land has to be suitable for construction. There are certain investors who are too busy to deal with tenants, maintenance, and managerial issues, land is a great strategy for making money in real estate passively.
  5. Investing in Landed properties provides you peace of mind: Land is a tangible asset which doesn’t depreciate, wear out over time, or get stolen, owing to this fact, it provides you with the peace of mind you need knowing your investment is secured and you don’t have to be burdened.

Land is a tangible asset and it is easy to purchase. Land requires little or no maintenance, unlike other real estate facets. Land ownership requires no additional work from you, leaving you with peace of mind. This real estate niche has low competition and is just waiting for you to get involved. Land as a real estate investment strategy is possibly one of the best options for investors who are not cut out for the hard work of residential real estate properties.

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The Search for your Dream Land in Anambra State

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